The results of the first space program “Planet Watch”

The first space program “Planet Watch” organized by the Skoltech project office, was completed in the educational Centre “Sirius”.

All participants of the programm during the year took part in various contests of space subjects. And within 10 days, the shifts refined their projects under the guidance of experts, researchers and specialists from Skoltech, Roskosmos, the Talent and Success Foundation, the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative,  Kruzhok movement of the National Technology Initiative and other organizations-partners of the Sirius Center.

Following the results of the change, participants in the first scientific and technological design program of the Sirius Educational Center on rocket and space topics presented the results of the work. 13 prototypes, among them – the project to rescue young seals, an autonomous rover, an ultrasonic drill to fix the probe on an asteroid, a power system for a nanosatellite on supercapacitors, and several nanosatellites.

“This program is an accelerator. Before getting to Sirius, schoolchildren worked on projects for almost a year, from April 2018. Here, the experts helped the participants to bring the development to real results. All the children listened attentively to the mentors, and, most importantly, they asked many questions and were included in the work process. I saw children with burning eyes, who said: “Well, finally, we all came together!”. I think we pretty well dispersed all the projects and got some kind of space development ecosystem to be developed. For example, there is a project on a new data transmission method, in which representatives of the industry have shown particular interest: we plan to bring it onto a commercial basis, ” – said the head of the Space Center of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology Anton Ivanov.