Anton Ivanov: «It’s important to give children a chance to tackle such innovative challenges at school »

July 1st: “Sirius” Education Center hosted the 4th “Grand Challenges -2019” sci-tech program for the finalists of the like-named competition held for the 4th time. For the course of three weeks school students will have to propose innovative solutions for crucial RnD tasks in 12 tracks such as (but not limited to): big data, space tech, bio-tech, exploration of the Global Ocean and the Arctic region. These have been outlined in the Russia scientific and technological development Strategy .

The “Grand Challenges 2019” Program main goal is to give talented school students of the 8th to 10th grades a real chance to work on real life projects within pressing time frame under careful supervision of the Program mentors .

This year only 400 out of 22 000 contestants were selected for participation, 33 of whom took part in the Space Track.

Anton Ivanov, Director of Skoltech Space Research Center, serves as co-leader of the “Space Technology” track of the “Grand Challenges” program. The track encompasses six real-life projects from the leaders of the industry: NPO “Energomash”, PAO “RKK Energiya”, OOO “Sputnix”, OOO ITC “Scanex”, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and Skoltech – all endorsed and supported by State Corporation of “Roscosmos”. Skoltech project includes one of the top research topics – constellation interaction between small sats.

«Our project encompasses cutting-edge RnD in Russian space-related industries. It’s important to give children a chance to tackle such innovative challenges at school so that they will be able to address those challenges professionally further in their careers.” – said Anton Ivanov, Director of Skoltech Space Research Center.

Image: Associate Professor Anton Ivanov (Director of the Skoltech Space Center)

«The Skoltech project deals with such an important area as
distributed spacecraft swarm behaviour within constellation. Swarm is currently the most advanced topic in space mission development as it allows to perform distributed measurements during complex space missions and is used for execution of autonomous tasks within constellation. It allows for increase in quality and quantity of scientific data acquired during scientific missions. We are happy to include talented children in addressing such a complex task and we hope to maintain our collaboration after the Program is over.», – said
Shamil Biktimirov, the project lead and Skoltech Space Research Center PhD candidate.

The Program offers various activities such as lectures and workshops, hands-on experience with cutting edge equipment and research activities under careful supervision of leading scientists. At the kick-off meeting of the Space Track Anton Ivanov delivered a lecture on limits of the space exploration “Martian Chronicles: a dead planet or a new home for humanity”.