Seminar «Systems engineering and concurrent design: implementing in Russia»

On 2 October Skoltech Space center at Skoltech Industry day held a seminar on its key research topic and project activities: model-based systems engineering and concurrent design. 
The principal topic for the discussion was the key tendencies in modernization of the national aerospace industry and implementation of the best practices in the fields of systems engineering and concurrent design.

The seminar was comprised of two panel discussions. The first was an introduction into the activities of Skoltech professors and their collaboration with the key international partners, major projects and new technologies in systems engineering. The second panel discussion was held with the representatives of the Russian aerospace industry as State space corporation «Roscosmos», NPO «Energomash», TSNIImash, RSC «Energia», Russian Space systems, Gazprom Space Systems, United Aircraft Corporation, Dassault Systems, Skolkovo Foundation, Aeronet NTI working group to elaborate on the experience of using the instruments of concurrent design and systems engineering for modernizing and altering the engineering cycle and standards in the national aerospace industry.”Skoltech was created to bring fresh ideas and practices to the industry. We are very happy that our industrial partners are showing interest towards our work in teaching students in systems engineering and our research in the field of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). I believe, that together we can advance work on definition and validation of numerical models for  aerospace industry to change existing design and implementation processes using MBSE. This will result in shorter idea-to-market cycles and profitable practices for the industry” – Space Crei director Anton Ianov said:

We really hope that this seminar was the first one in that this seminar was the first in a series of generative industry seminars on​ Systems engineering and concurrent design​.