Russian-Indian program in Sirius educational Center

The Sirius Educational Center completed the first international design school “Big Challenges in the Field of Sustainable Development”. 25 Indian and 25 Russian schoolchildren took part in it. They all worked in project teams in five areas: Earth remote sensing technology, biological (genetic) research, material science research, information technology, and robotics. Each team developed a project consistent with the sustainable development strategy enshrined in the UN Declaration.

Skoltech Space Center Project – Earth Remote Sensing.
Design and methodological support: Space Center of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, LLC Lorett, ANO Transparent World, Federal State Budgetary Institution Roslesozashchita.

Preserving the forest fund is an urgent task both for Russia and India, where about 13 hectares of forest disappears on fire every year. Students, along with mentors, decided to check whether satellite imagery can help solve this problem.
Images from the Russian spacecraft Aist-2D were received by the SCANEX antenna installed on the roof of the Sirius Science and Art Park at the Geoatelier laboratory as part of the Planet On-duty project.

Participants explored two regions. One subgroup studied the area of ​​a major forest fire in February 2019 in the Bandipur region of India. Thanks to the pictures before, during and after the fire, the schoolchildren discovered the place of movement of the fire, and this allowed to confirm the version of its occurrence presented in the media. Based on the images, the students assessed the damage caused by the fire and built a web map that can be used to organize forest restoration in the region.

Lovely Team and Skoltech Mentors
Final Presentation
Working Process