Current projects

Area: Strategic Thinking

Project “Advanced roadmapping”

A methodology for model-based evaluation of technology infusion for improved strategic technology development. Industrial implementation of the methodology with a toolkit to support planning and decision making.

Project with Airbus Group. Project manager Dominik Knoll

Concurrent Engineering Design Laboratory

Maintenance of the the facility (software upgrades, new methods development). Main tool for concurrent design sessions for other projects in the strategic thinking department. 

Project managers: Anton Ivanov and Alessandro Golkar

Strategic analysis of space applications

Modeling of upcoming industrial and government initiatives. New telecommunication and navigation services, remote sensing in digital economy. Science mission planning.

Project manager: Anton Ivanov

Model based systems engineering for aerospace systems

Project engineers: Petr Mukhachev; Alexander Kharlan; Viktoria Fedorova

Area: Autonomous systems

Swarm of satellites

Development of autonomous satellite swarms and constellations. Design and manufacturing of satellite platforms, interaction with payload manufacturers.

Robust software for robotic platforms

Project manager: Anton Afanasiev

Advanced testing techniques for space platforms

Project manager: Nikolay Mullin

Control algorithms for swarm platforms

Project managers: Dmitriy Pritykin; Shamil Biktimirov

Robot solutions for warehousing

Project manager: Dzmitry Tsetseroukou

Haptics and swarms of drones

Project manager: Dzmitry Tsetseroukou

Drones for apple trees disease detection

Project manager: Dzmitry Tsetseroukou

Area: Space enabled services

Forest classification using hyperspectral data

Using hyperspectral data, create high precision classification algorithms for forests. Knowledge translation between drone based imaging and satellite based imaging.

Project manager: Alexander Platonov 

Project engineers: Vasili Mosin, Guillermo Prieto

Search and rescue drone development together with Liza Alert Initiative

Development of an integrated system to provide guidance and information help to search and rescue teams in the field. Areas of development include: fast response with remote sensing data for mapping, provide communication services in remote areas (GPRS absent), high precision location. Also possible to serve as joint center to provide analysis and post operation statistics of search and rescue (deployment time, time to find a person, circumstances, problems in the field).

Project manager: Andrey Potapov

Solar weather prediction

The project will contribute to the improvement of the scientific understanding, forecasting and mitigation of extreme space weather events. This aspect is getting more and more important, as our modern society is increasingly relying on satellite systems for communication, navigation, Earth/weather/climate observations, catastrophe management, economy transactions, etc., and thus is highly vulnerable on space weather effects. This is also reflected in the foundation of ESA’s Space Situational Awareness Programme, where Space Weather is a Key Area. The project also is important for the ground breaking missions such as Parker Probe Plus (NASA, launch 2018) and Solar Orbiter (ESA, launch 2020).The project is aimed to conduct the research in solar-terrestrial physics from close to the Sun to Earth’s magnetosphere focusing on the following topics:

  1. Detection of eruptive events on Sun (coronal mass ejections and accompanying solar events);
  2. Forecasting of solar wind speed at Earth;
  3. Forecasting of geomagnetic storms and polar aurora;
  4. Solar activity forecasting;
  5. Scientific and service products. In each of the subfields, the approach is research-to-operations (R2O), which brings together the forefront of research with applications, thus yielding significant benefits through the delivery of new public and commercial space-based services and development of new technologies.

Project manager: Tatiana Podladchikova

Wearable platform for vital signs monitoring

The project is dedicated to the development of clinical decision support system on arrhythmia detection powered by prolonged monitoring wearables and improvement of quality of diagnostics of cardiac arrhythmias. Detection of cardiac arrhythmia events at the very early stage could help to deliver a forehanded care and to prevent further complications.

Project manager: Tatiana Podladchikova

Localization system for unmanned vehicle

The project aims at the increasing of effectiveness automobile transport localization on the basis of disclosure of the system tracking uncertainty. It will allow us to perform an accurate and uninterrupted tracking and control of leading to the reliable decisions and risk minimization on the basis of obtained estimates. It is planned to develop innovative methods for the noise statistics identification and parameter estimations for nonlinear systems that is of prime importance for the robust tracking in conditions of uncertainty on simulations and real-time experimental data, as well as methods of adaptive cruise control and prevention of collisions combining data from sensors (GPS, radar, odometry, camera, etc).

Project manager: Tatiana Podladchikova

Distributed Ground stations

Create software to enable distributed and highly flexible UHF / VHF stations to receive and transmit data from small satellites. Multiagent scheduling methods.

Project manager: Anton Ivanov